Saturday, 21 May 2016

Dear Mr Blesser

I am writing this letter hoping to meet with you in person perhaps you may bless me also, oh I forgot you only bless the young and vulnerable girls whom you can take advantage of and destroy their future. But now that you are listening perhaps I can plead with you to bless your mother with a better house, bless your family with lasting wealth, to bless your kids with better education and take care of your disabled child that your exploited wife takes care of alone without medical insurance because you are nowhere to be found.

You see the truth is your lavish spending is nothing new, I grew up in an environment where people would wash their cars with expensive Scottish whisky, use expensive brands to wipe it off, buy alcohol for the whole club, burn a car when they buried their friends then go back home to sleep in a backroom shack with a sponge on the floor. Your showing off nature reflects to me a person that had nothing growing up and probably will die with nothing. See we have seen too many like you that dominated parties, clubs, Sunday newspaper covers but today hide in the darkest of valleys like rats and hang their heads in shame when they walk pass the shops they once forced to close doors when they walked in to buy. 

Well lets cut to the chase, could you please stop blessing my sisters with AIDS, could you please stop reproducing your sperm which may carry your unscrupulous nature, may you please stop playing big by splashing what you don't even have enough of, could you please stop turning kids against their less blessed fathers who work factory jobs to take their daughters to school. Actually can you please stop being such a curse.......  #Giveusbackourgirls

Thursday, 19 May 2016


People use the term sharing so loose without understanding the meaning nor the application of such a powerful act of kindness and greatness. The only things people share are those they don't really want, we share the food we don't like, we share the poverty we live in, the pain we experience, we share only in situations where we can gain recognition, fame and praise. We don't wanna share wealth, we can barely share the space which we where all born equally in, we are too dark in our hearts to share the limelight, fail to share respect that we find victory in attacking each other on public platforms to score points that can't be used to pay our debts off, fail to share a smile when one does well without our help because we want it mentioned that it is because of us that they succeeded. We are truly a reflection to our label "Humanrace" racing to be the better than, the first, we never share things that will have a positive impact on other's life but mediocrity that holds them back. We share newspapers and magazines not knowledge books....Note ‪#‎thisstatuswillnotbeshared‬