Wednesday, 27 May 2015

African Song

I am from a place called Africa

A dark continent with dark people filled with melanin and dreams that belong to others.  People whom not only a skin colour but also dreams are referred black, those unsure of their ability and ready for the taking they say: Yet in the darkness of this night called Africa I fail to see the stars, moon nor the scorching sun that invites many to come tan while enjoying the beautiful warm temperatures of our seas during the day because the sky of Africa is covered by the wings of huge planes that carry many from the so-called first world but the only first thing about them is to take from others what doesn't belong to them. I am from a place called Africa

A place where those who want to demonstrate their humanity and at times stamp their dominance come to give help and take away its children, change their African given names into names that they can pronounce instead of learning what they call native names. A place without its own identity nor collective language as different parts of it has adopted languages of those who once colonized them. I am from a place called Africa

A place where people kill each other in the name of religions that owe their existence in other parts of the world but their own, A place where its children dreams are to grow up and be something else rather than an African. A place that has given birth to life, civilisation, a cradle of human kind but lacks humanity and murder each other like senseless controlled robots because even animals are capable of loving.

I am no poet, just a simple writer with no rhythm nor rhymes to excite the dance inclined mind of an African child whom this piece is written about. I am no philosopher with doctrines of right/wrong to gauge my intelligence versus that of the first world and its habitants whom this piece is written for. I am from a place called Africa

Monday, 4 May 2015

The champ says:: Man Up! it's called being a Father

The champ says:: Man Up! it's called being a Father: Brother I am writing this letter to you, but the words are so sharp that my conscious being cannot help but think that this is a perso...

Man Up! it's called being a Father


I am writing this letter to you, but the words are so sharp that my conscious being cannot help but think that this is a personal attack from my subconsciousness. But no it is not an attack rather a call to the individual inside of me to stand and Man Up!, to stop hiding behind the weakness that became the monster my father hid away from then transformed him to an abandoner, the only face of the father I know and can remember. This is a call to a man that is a prisoner to a young broken boy that he once was, but now that young boy controls his inability to love, protect and guide. 

Time and time again when I stumble and I'm hurt in my quest as a lover, brother, father then I am told to Man Up!. Man Up! you say? I have tried to Man Up! but in the absence of a clear understanding nor definition of this Man Up! theory we continue to fail for we do not know what defines this term Man Up, I have Maned Up! and ended hurting those I was suppose to protect, became a monster to the ones who initially saw a hero in me, Man Up! you say. Well I have been turned stone-cold in this journey of Manning Up, tigers don't cry, you are strong, faster, smart, am I? Pardon my ignorance but am I not human, can I not feel pain?

Well brother, today I am going to tell my son this: Son, I love you, I appreciate you, I am not always right and do not have answers to all questions but I have the knowledge of what I wish for you and that is to be human. To treat women as Princesses, to pray, to say thank you and pleasure, to remember that your mother is a Queen and deserves all your respect always, I want you to cry when you are hurt, I did but just had never let anyone see me, you are brilliant, don't worry about Manning Up it is built in you, work hard, smile, respect others. Well there is one thing I have always battled don't fall prey to it, forgive yourself you are only human. Now that you can read this letter, it means you have found out that I cannot beat all the wrestlers, I'm not faster than flash and have nothing on Superman. Disappointed? Well son I don't want to Man Up! I want to be a father. 

Brothers let your sons know....

Retired Super Hero