Sunday, 26 April 2015

Live Beyond Yourself

This one goes to you

My friend, brother, sister, even to you the one who has put a label of enemy to me I write this one to you to remind you of the road that is slowly becoming a memory to you. I am writing this one to remind you of the reason of your existence, the greater purpose of your life. Around you we stand scattered and divide your concentration amongst things that really do not matter, I want you to close your eyes and try remember the small limitless child you use to be, the one with little understanding of what was happening but carried a great vision of where it will end one day. Is this what you had in mind? is it where your vision carried you? are you on cause?

I do not stand on higher moral ground nor greater purpose than you, I  do not lead a greater vision than you have, I am no immortal and forgive myself for being insufficient. I may not know your challenges today but I do know that all of us are presented with a lot of them and temptations, we are equipped with a mind that has the ability to make things what they are not, a mind that could lead us to give away our lifetime of happiness for a moment of joy. 

Purpose demands of us to live a life beyond the little passing situations and joys so when we are in situations we should remember that our decisions should reflect the future we are born to lead, the purpose of our lives is beyond holding hands and walking down the streets in love, it is greater than the temporary kiss of deceit, last longer than the moment of lust we give into. It is sweeter than the bitterness of the betrayals of life, our purpose is warmer than the cold nights under the bridge, stronger than the pains on a body dying of cancer, it is permanent than the scars of rape, it a commitment that will never end-up in a divorce. It is greater than you weaknesses, it is more real than your doubts, it is enough than your insufficiencies. Your purpose has a light that shines so bright that even the darkest cloth of death cannot cover. Live beyond yourself, realise your purpose...

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Colour Fool Letter - A letter to all of us

Dear Reader

The one who sees colour before the person wearing such skin, to you who judges others purely on the effects of melanin. Well I guess we are all racist and defend our racism by all costs. I use to think that this was a South African problem until I saw white police officers in the United States treat the black men as shooting targets, same across the world. Well I am not writing this letter to attack whites, blacks, pink or brown whatever you want to be seen as. This letter seeks to help you think beyond the colour of the skin, assist you to hear the human rhythm of the heartbeat that is similar for all, to notice the colour of the blood you spill while it looks identical as yours. I seek not to make you one as you will not be, nor to unite you cause you see more differences that similarities. 

I only seek to let you know that it is ok to be different, that we do not need to be the same to understand and love each other. Maybe I am the fine one to talk when I still cannot even forgive the things that some "White people" have done to "some Black people". But as I sit and observe while country men fight each other about colour disguised by artificial things such as statues I realise that their battle is not about anything but the colour of their skin, I am saddened by my White friends who welcome me in their houses without noticing my colour to the point of using the term "them" when referring to "blacks" in their discussions with me, letting me drink and eat in the same dishes as them while their helper is not allowed to use the same glass to drink water nor allowed to use the toilet inside the house rather the one built specially for them outside. I am sad  when I visit my mother with my white friends and she still battles to call them by name stopping herself many times from calling them "Master" or "Baas", when my coloured friends take me home and their parents give them funny looks and start moving everything of value out of sight.   

Hope is renewed however when I see my kids play with their friends and see no colour, when they see no limitations based on the colour of their skin but abilities as human beings, when they wipe each others tears and blood without realising the colour of the skin but the pain they feel. When they call each other by name and not race.  When I come back to my life I realise that no matter what happens between me and my friends somehow they will not see me as a soul but as a colour, I am BLACK and we are colour fools...

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Who knows God personally? - Letter to Religion

To you

The most faithful, the godly, the righteous as you would like to be called. This is a letter to you in an attempt to talk to you about God, what do I know about God you ask me? Well let us just say I know that we are far from where we are suppose to be. Everyday I am reminded of how spirituality has been reduced to religion, how different groups of people would discriminate, kill in order to be the right ones. Every time I speak with individuals of a certain faith I am reminded why people have given up on religion, how many perish in the world rather than come closer to God because of the very same people who preach to be the ambassadors of faith. 

Oh how you have killed each other and the innocent that dare to find themselves in the middle of your battle, Everywhere around me I see a bloodbath of religion, the crusades that killed over a million people around 1095-1272, The Inquisition in 1484 that saw an estimate of 350 000 innocent men, women and children  butchered, The Witch-hunts from 1484 until 1692, September 11, Gwoza in Nigeria, Garissa in Kenya, Islamic jihads, Arab-Israel conflict, etc. How do you expect me to follow your God? The God that condones for those who think and believe differently be killed? How do I believe your teachings when you speak of love and forgiveness while you butcher those you are in disagreement with. How do I buy into your paradise in the forever when you can't live in peace with each other in the today, how can I believe in the blessings of your God when those around you starve while you live in utter comfort and luxury?

Oh you religious followers, has any of you ever wondered what your role in the kingdom of God is, have you asked yourself what your purpose is? Do you still remember what the principles of your religion are, the cornerstone of your existence? The teachings of Muhammad, The sacrifice of Jesus, The Peace of Buddah, do you still remember the reasons of what you are doing? Oh you mortal souls of religion, is your God the God of vengeance and not forgiveness, a God of killings and not healing, the Master of Poverty and not Blessings, is your God the one that condemns. Wasn't your role to heal, love and bless others, does God still live in you? What if religion is only poetry? Well I doubt this letter will bring any change in you while the Holy Book couldn't.