Monday, 1 August 2011

Things I don"t understand

So much things I don't understand so much I will never know but the one thing that really bothers me and cant  get out of my mind is man's (that includes women) need to always protect themselves even in times when we are wrong. How we can fight even in situations where we only need to say I am sorry, how we often miss an opportunity to make things right because we wont listen to the other person because we think they want to fight us or win over us. how sad it is that those we love end up hurt because we cannot accept where we went wrong, how we are willing to give up on the best things we have because we are not willing to take responsibility, now in the fight that you are engaged in do you still remember what is it about? or why you are fighting, is it still relevant and necessary?

The second thing is how we are fighting over opinions and ideologies instead of reality, but what is reality do we even know it? most of the time we do not even care about reality because it will not help us advance the fight, what we want is to fight not something that is going to stop the fight. Even when our opponents give in we still can't see it because it is a fight we want not retreat. But after it is over is there a rewards, are we really fighting for something? We ask so much opinion and get so many people involved that we cant even go back to stop and think about what we are doing because the people we have involved begin asking why are we stopping to fight when we are about to win, why surrender when we are right, when our opinions are the sound ones.

This is the art of war, many innocent souls are crushed, families destroyed, companions estranged all in the name of fighting, but why should we back down when we are right, why should we let people win over us, why should we be weak? this are questions we use to justify the means to this fighting, but do we even pause and ask ourselves other sets of questions such as, what is it worth, what is at stake and am I actually right? We go forth and say so much hurting and destructive things about those we fight against, family, loved ones, friends, etc. and after we say all this things we are reminded always by those we speak to about the status of our relationships. How do we love in the mist of all this battles, how do we remember the good things, how do we move on?

I wish i had answers to all this questions but I am also just a mere mortal that is faced with the same challenges day in and out, feel and then hurt others as much as everyone does, i am a soul, a soul with love and adoration and soul hurting from the pains of battles lost, battles that caused happiness, relationship, love, i am a soul that carries the pains of failed marriages.

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