Monday, 7 May 2012

The cost of voting for the wrong President.

I'm not a political analyst nor economist but I have an opinion that needs to be heard, I see countries changing Presidents this year like its the new in thing. People celebrating and streets filled with jubilations in the welcoming of change we call it. But my question is when did we realize that we had the wrong person in the position in the first place, only now? Or did this person change? What did we think putting them into power in the first place?

Does changing them now do much for us? I don't know. What have this people cause their countries? The cost of having the wrong person as a President can be detrimental for a country, the world. The fallen world economy, genocides, Mass murders, stolen fortunes, maintaining of multiple wives and multitudes of children, corrupt officials, etc.

When a country losses face because of its President it also losses faith from those that invests in it. It is the people of the country that suffers and pay for the mistakes of its President, a wrong President can lead a country with hope to destruction, destroy the most promising economy.

It is time that we reflect at the impact of a President before voting them into power because the minute they becomes our President they become our financial responsibility forever, even if they cannot perform their duties or even destroy the country, we will pay them for it.

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