Monday, 16 June 2014

Being a father

The topic or argument of what it means to be a good father is one that is extremely touchy and sensitive. this is because we perhaps all want to have a say in it while raised differently and mostly don't even have first hand experience at a fatherly relationship.

The confusion is spread so widely across all races and social standings, yet the question still stands "What make a good father?", we all would like to believe and see ourselves as great fathers but are we truly? 

What makes a man a great father, is fatherhood linked to wealth, is fatherhood the sacrificing of one's happiness? these questions comes to my mind when i see fathers that are attacked by their partners/families the minute they cannot provide financially, when they decide to move away from being abused by their spouses. i will be the first to admit that i may not clearly know what a good father is as i was raised without a father, but is one groomed to fatherhood or is it a natural instinct? 

Fatherhood is about children, it is about your relationship as a father with your kids, it is about protecting them while providing for them. Fatherhood should take centre stage role in your life as a father, the relationship you are in you choose to be in, but your kids it is not a matter of choice but a duty. You cannot as a father link your role as a father with your role as a partner, where you can withdraw from being a father when a relationship doesn't work. Your kids will become what you make or didn't make them, they will become the sort of parent you are. To break the curse of your father you need to be a good father to your kids and not a better father to your one. Remember fatherhood is about the relationship with your kids and not any other person.

Women have a tendency to become judges of how much of a bad father their partners are, truth is as a woman you have no idea on what fatherhood is rather than what you have built in your mind about it. Instead of judging help him understand your wishes, it would be unfair to judge your motherhood ability why judge others?

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