Sunday, 1 February 2015

Letter to a conflicted soul

To you my soul, my being, the superior part of me and yet the one I understand less. Well the question I have been asking myself this morning has been, are you me, are you within me or are you divine. Where do you reside inside me? are you the pain in my heart, a thought on my mind, emptiness in my spirit or are you the wisdom that leads my feet to the right path that my mortal being always question? Are you me or am I you, I am the visible part of us. The one that can be seen, touched and feel the pain. I am the one that can taste and enjoy but yet without you there isn't life in me. I am the temporary structure of us while you are the form we will take in the forever, yet I assume the commanding role in the today.

Are we in sync, are you happy with who we are, the role I have decided for us? Is it where we are destined to be, have I realised our purpose? Have you healed from the pain that I have caused you only for my temporary pleasures of the world, Oh dear Soul have I fed you what fills your belly up while I focus on the taste of what fills my physical belly? Have I made your world bearable, kept you safe and away from the forces that consumes souls? Do my apologies mean anything to you this morning?

You expect nothing of me, you realise my weakness, my ignorance and arrogance but still you reside in me and keep my body going so I may change myself, change my ways. Oh dear Soul, I am in battle, I don't know who to listen to as my heart and mind are always conflicted while my spirit searches for joy in places I am not interested in going because they are not cool to my friends. I know you don't usually do it but may I ask of you to take over, to lead me, to show me who we really are cause I am not intelligent enough to deliver us. Can you settle the war inside and let your calm preside, I realise that I maybe asking for too much but if I don't then you and I will suffer my mistakes in the forever. Oh dear soul, my dear friend I realise the conflict I am inviting for you as I invite you to be in the physical whilst invisible. Oh dear Soul let me be you.....

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