Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dear Darkness - A letter to our fears


I have just realised that I am not afraid of you, that you do not run my life for me nor command the things I do. I am not afraid to be in your presence because I represent light, life and growth. The realisation of what you do to life and how you capture us in your deep dark prison has set me free from your chains and showed me who you really are.

Nothing good really comes from you, in your presence there is no growth, no plant grows where you rule only moulds, the green colour of life doesn't radiate where you reside because what grows in your presence adopts your colour and the smell of doubt, the smell of death. In your comfort are those who are ashamed to face the light, afraid to be seen. It is a place where those ashamed of their actions live, where those who cannot stand who they are hide, the ones whom have doubt on how great they are, shadows. Often the things committed in your rule bring no pride nor joy to others, you are a provider to those that take from others, to the one's that tastes the forbidden, the takers.  

I have realized that you rule by fear, by intimidation and lies that we will amount to nothing without you. You provide us with false security and sense of belonging and keep us in your prison by telling us that we are not good enough and if what we do comes out everyone will reject us. You present yourself to us as a place of refuge while you are actually a prison. I realised that I had to set myself free, to change and to win back who I was, I moved out. I found a place of my own, solace, peace, acceptance I am not clean but I'm not hiding in filth with rats and the sun that shines on me, my skin, the rain drops on my face, they give me hope that I will become the best I aspire to be. This is my life, my chance and I'm taking it

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