Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Cheers to all the fun - Letter to 2014

Let me start by saying compliments to you 2014, as many begin to see you off I took a bit of time to reflect on who you have been to me and what you have brought in my life. Tonight many will celebrate to see you go and welcome 2015, most will spend what they don't have to celebrate what they don't understand.

Well just to inform you I didn't make any resolutions when you started, to me you were just another year changing. A change over between you and 2013 didn't skip any day in between so it was just a normal day changing to another and that wasn't going to change my fortunes. Well that hasn't changed, I still feel the same way. A year number is not going to change any fortunes in a person's life, it is not going to introduce anything new that we haven't seen nor heard about.

It is the decisions that we make regarding what we want to achieve and moments we seize that will make a difference in our lives not a change over to a different year number. Well 2014 you weren't bad nor good to me, you brought sun, moon, rain, stars, day and night and those helped me to measure and quantify what I have achieved and what I have lost. You were time that I was borrowed to serve me in achieving purpose and I was never going to allow you to become a master to what I was to achieve. Now run along and tell 2015 that I welcome him but there will be no resolutions and yes do tell him that there is a purpose to be achieved, tell him it will be a year of success and challenges as it was the case with you but please warn him that I shall not be threatened nor intimidated. Tell him that he will be known as 20 - faith - in

PS: thank you for the seasons you brought I enjoyed all equally.

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