Monday, 8 December 2014

A beautiful Letter

For many years I had given you so much attention and power to decide my life, my love, my happiness. In the quest to gain all things beautiful I have made great mistakes, like many I had made you a centre of my life. But amazingly enough you do not have a constant, no identity as you depend on each individuals' opinion, you actually have no existence on your own. You are shallow, cruel and loyal to no one, how do you survive? oh yes by preying on those who count on you for validation, by destroying those who have made friendship with you, those who think they possess you while you posses them, swallow them until all they become is defined by you, those who define themselves through you.  

Beauty, you become every girls dream and for those which society doesn't see as possessing you, you destroy. You are what parents define their new-borns with, what men describe their lady partners as, but the price many have to pay to associate with you is extremely high. How does one name define so much for everyone, become such a measure for everything? But what are you, what elements define you? 

How I wish many would break free from your chains, that we are able to look deeper than the surface  you settle on, but as mere immortals we leave under your spell. How beautiful we all want to be while we have no understanding of what this beauty is and will achieve for us, yet it is beautiful to possess you. 

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