Sunday, 30 November 2014

Potential - A letter to the gifted

I am not even sure of how to address you as a young person with great potential, talent and intelligence. A young person with beauty and spark, the brilliant one who is always right. I have dealt and seen young people with so much potential like yourself during my school years and also during my entrepreneurial life, the world produces them in big numbers daily and will continue to do, so you and I aren't special really. There is so much people with potential and many will die without that potential realised because they are not willing to learn and definitely to serve, so writing this I know you will ask who made me an expert but I am not, I am one that has walked the road, carry the scars and that may not mean anything in your world but in the one we all live in, it counts for everything. 

Many that you see successful out there will tell you that, talent will propel you to a greater hight but it is discipline that will sustain and keep you there. Our failure is in our arrogance, the inability to humble ourself and pay the dues. Ofcourse we feel much smarter than everyone but the truth is if we were then we wouldn't be where we are because the world is actively looking for those that are different to everyone, the one's who carry brilliant ideas and rewards them with patience and greatness. We often feel faster, stronger, cleverer, prettier, more deserving than everyone else but time has taught me that there is always someone out there that has it more than us and mostly want it more than we do, so where does this put us?

You probably will reach your dreams, you will become who you aspire to be if you know who you want to be. But the biggest question is not on whether you will make it but rather will you stay there, on top? In life there are no short cuts, work hard and earn it, beauty can only get you in bed with someone who probably don't even care where you will end up, learn from your failures, be humble, not all people will like you, when things are well your world will be full of cheerleaders but the minute you go down all will flee and not even take your calls. Many have already closed this letter, some will respond with emotions than applying their mind, but someone's life will be impacted and changed, that is a choice. I don't know much but I am certain that principled efforts produce positive results.

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