Sunday, 16 November 2014

Letter to my naked sister

I know I have no right to say anything but truth is I don't care about any rights because I am writing this letter because I care, I care about your wellbeing, about how you present yourself and about how you feel inside. I find myself too often taking our photos when we were kids to remind myself of a self respecting proud young girl that was defined by her character, personality, beautiful smile, creativity and the intelligence that use to put young unfocused boys in their place.  Well I often have to visit our family memory box because every week there is a photo of you trending from the weekend event you went to and every week the dress gets shorter and tighter. 

Yes it is none of my business alright and you don't tell me how to dress but are you not proud to point at me in a place full of people and say "that is my brother?", well maybe that's all I wish for, don't you think i also deserve it? Maybe all I long for is to hear guys whispering words that reflect your humanity, intellect and flawless beauty but all that I hear when they look at you is "damn look at that ass" and "If i get a chance I'll tap that ass so hard", maybe I long just for you to be seen as a woman and not a piece of meat you present yourself to be, but maybe that is too much to ask of you. All I wish for is for everyone to know how great you are in science, how many amazing inventions you have come up with in technology, the great piece of poetry you wrote and to hear the melody of the piano chords from Bach compositions you play flawlessly. 

Names cross my mind like Rosa Parks, Hatshepsut, Florence Nightingale, Jane Addams, Ruth Fulton Benedict, Queen Modjadji, Angela Davis, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Waries Dirie, Maya Angelou, Shukria Barakzai,  and Mom. Who are you sister? what defines you? are you only your bum, your boobs? In the era of great women rising above all the odds are you going to get internet hits only by showing your overly sexualised bum to the world? Is sex the only thing you can offer to the world? Is it the size of your boobs and not the size your mind that will dominate your history, oh dear sister have your dreams and vision of greatness turned as short as the dress you are wearing? Oh dear sister have your prayers turned to being about a man coming your way to guarantee a future we use to dream of every time we closed our eyes? oh dear sister have I failed you by posting pictures of naked movies and music stars on my bedroom door, the naked women magazine I hid underneath my bed and the big breasted women video tapes I stacked in my closet, well that is not who I hoped you become, they were just fantasies of a foolish young boy. I'm Sorry, now can I please have my sister back....

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