Sunday, 23 November 2014

Man to Man - Letter to my younger brother

Oh Brother

How I wished this day never came, a day where I try to give you guidance and pretend as if I know or have figured it out. But well I realise that dad is not going to do it, I have since been waiting for him to do it with me, no, no actually I have since waited for him to read me a bedtime story or was it to teach me to kick a soccer ball? no wait I remember now - it was for him to come and see my school report. See I can't have you waiting, I cannot let you go through the hurt. I cannot let you turnout like me.

Every-time when you are angry at me you point out that I have never made time to play with you, to be a brother, I'm sorry but you needed a father more than a brother and I had to choose a role. Now, man to man brother, I have made so much mistakes in my life which I wouldn't want you to go through. Writing this letter I risk a lot of things and your respect for me being the first, but your well-being is much more important than how you see me. In my mistakes many have been hurt, lives changed and my life? well that is not important at this stage. While growing up this is what i have learned and need to share with you.

Love gets confusing more as you grow and at a stage it moves out of the heart into the mind, where you need to start doing what is right and forget a bit about what you feel. You will meet many women all different with very special attributes, it will get confusing to you as your body will begin dictating over your mind, try to remember that pleasure lasts minutes the wrongs you do will hurt others for a lifetime. Little brother you will be disrespected and maybe cheated on, never raise your hand to any woman, I have and the results where not an increase in respect but hatred. Love and its pleasures will bring kids in your life and at that stage you become a father and not a boyfriend so in your anger you cannot remove her out of your life. Being a father is difficult, it is not about you nor how you feel but about the life you have brought in the world. The richer you get things don't get easier they get harder, more challenges and troubles, don't add women in your life but wisdom with success. Forgive easily otherwise you introduce the worst cancer in your life and it will consume you. When you help others do not expect them to thank you, be grateful if they do. Spare some time to enjoy the beautiful thing in life, play in the rain, walk bare feet on wet grass, listen to the ocean sing, spend time with those you love lest they forget who you are beneath the hard-work. My brother learn each day and teach others.

Take time in life to think of yourself, love yourself, leave a bit of care for you to also enjoy it. Emptiness is the most painful space in one's heart, fill your heart with love, remember I love You. My brother break the chain

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