Sunday, 8 March 2015

A letter to a Warrior

To you my warrior

To some this letter will be a dedication, a memorial but to you it is the instruction to fight, the song of war. Life is a battlefield it is not paradise, at times it will be unbearable and worse than a terrifying description of hell that we always hear. This is war, everyone wants to win to triumph and will take against anything on their way. 

This is war my friend, no-one is here to take care of you they are all here to fight their own battles. There will be blood shared, guts spilt and if you are not a victor you will be a victim cause there are no by-standers. Those you rescue will turn against you and stab you in the back, stand up and fight on, die proud. You will not know who your enemies are at face-value, they will disguise in a friendly skin for their survival, so listen to your heart and careful who you sleep quietly around at night when you gather your strength. There will be informants all around you so seal your strategies within the security of your mind lest you share with the enemy. This my friend is war and your sympathy will mean nothing, the offsprings of your enemies will grow to be warriors to fight against you one day so show no mercy to any of them. This here is war, go out there and fight, beg not for bread, protect your fields and surround your rivers.      

Choose your commanders well, search for loyalty in them if you cannot find any with one then find the most vicious dog and train it to lead your armies. This is life my friend your dreams are more important that anything else so stop at nothing to achieve them. Give your best in everything as if you life depended on it. The only choice is fight or flight... If you feel blows and they hurt, that is called pain, it means you are still breathing and alive so fight... Let us die in this field as warriors and not as beggars.

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  1. Absolutely profound, you've given it straight my friend. Said it like it is.