Sunday, 15 March 2015

Suicide Note


This is not going to be the usual pitiful letter and you normally receive, or should I say the letter that glorifies you and magnify your existence. It is a letter to put things into perspective, to place you in the space where you belong. One thing I will give you is you have taken away so much dreams, robbed the world of so much talent and stolen such lives. I wish I could tell you that your days are numbered but I realise that so long people don't understand their purpose you will remain in existence. 

So this is what I'm gonna say to you:
Your rope will not get tangled around my neck and overpower the beautiful scent of my cologne with the dark smell of death, it will never get a chance to replace the gentle smooches that caress my neck with the tight squeeze that will release my last breath. My legs will never shake with fear from the wrath of the grip your rope delivers when one kicks the from underneath their feet.

Your blade will never taste the sweet taste of the blood that runs through my veins, it will never cut the flow of power that runs through my wrist, the wrist that joins the blessed hands to the powerful arms that are made strong to hold life together. No I will not drink your pills nor poison as this stomach is filled with the fruits of hard work and the only hunger I experience is the hunger of success and a fulfilling life.

I will not jump down from any place you place me as the only direction appealing to me is up, I will not let you deceive me that where you put me to jump from is the highest place I will ever reach, no I am not jumping under nor in-front of anything but above what you make me to be. No I will not scatter my brains out for you, they are too precious and gifted, I will not send a bullet through my skull. No no no

Suicide you have made many write sad letters to their loved ones, well here is one to you. I wish I knew what you really are; a spirit, demon, state of mind, addiction I couldn't care to research. You have claimed too much that is not yours, a thief of note you have been, a liar but yet a looser and I win, do you feel defeated? good cause you messed with the wrong one I am #TheChamp...

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