Sunday, 29 March 2015

I will become - Letter to my dream

Hi there

I hope you can hear me as I whisper a greeting to you afraid to speak out loud just now I wake you up and you begin running away from me. I have spend over 30 years chasing on you and the speed you travel with needs more that just endurance to keep up with you. Oh but how pleasant you are, all things I wish for surrounding me, no troubles, no battles and no struggles. You are so sweet that my life tastes like the juice out of a green lemon that still hangs on a tree, but then again I realise that at least you are not an illusion but a possibility. Oh beautiful dream when will I meet you in person, hug you, feel your warmth and comfort? 

Well unlike "Tumelo" my imaginary friend you stuck around and still visit me regularly, still inspire and motivate me. I have had days when I woke up in the morning without food in my stomach, no fuel in the car, days with an ATM card that a machine wouldn't even recognise and felt like giving up. The times when giving in to the little voice inside my head telling me that I won't make it and at those times you screamed out loud; "I'm just around the corner", well my friend it has been many corners that I even lost count but surely the ones ahead are much less than the ones behind me so I'd rather carry-on moving forward.

Where you are involved I become a soothsayer and see things in the future, I love the greenness of the grass I see, the crystal clarity of the skies, the brightness of the sun, purity of the nurturing rain drops that falls from the invisible clouds to feed my happiness. I see the well nourished children of Africa, striving economies of Africa, great leaders, I see cures of diseases and not treatment, I see recognition of philosophers, I see an Africa that is sufficient, no borders, I see an Africa of producers and not consumers an Africa owned by those born of it. Well my friend this vision is you, it is "My Dream" and i believe in you, till meet.  

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